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VITUS frame repairs  
We are equipped to properly repair and align damaged tubes, joints, and fittings on Vitus 979 Dural bonded aluminum frames, and other models and makes of bonded frames such as Vitus Carbone, Allen, etc. 

Since 1992, we have served clients worldwide including Vancouver, Saltspring Island, Thunder Bay, Toronto, Montreal, California, Texas, Georgia, Maryland, and also England, Scotland, and Spain.

We stock a range of sizes of Vitus 979 frame tubes, dropouts, and other fittings.
Custom repair options include varying the tube colours, or changing from the stock spec tube lengths (eg. longer top tube).

Email us, and we'll discuss your options.

If you think your bike is toast because it has come apart or been crashed,

Guywires cycle tech repairs Vitus Frames !!

Click that frown upside down!!

VITUS Frame Parts for sale

We have a limited selection of parts for the Vitus 979 Dural, 992 Dural, and Carbone models.
Parts are usually sold only as part of a repair order, however some overstock parts will be sold separately.
Click on the link to view a listing of available parts.

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